Reezaa MP3 Tag Editor


Modify the data in the tags of your MP3 files


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Reezaa MP3 Tag Editor is a super-useful MP3 tag editor that lets you organize your music library in the quickest and easiest way possible.

The program lets you edit ID3v1 and IDEv2 tags, and also include lyrics and thumbnails for each music file.

Reezaa MP3 Tag Editor offers the possibility to modify any of the data included in an ID3 tag, such as song and artist name, album, year, genre, and secondary comments about the song.

Additionally, the program also lets you easily take a look at the songs' technical information (size, bitrate, copyright, frequency...), and even choose the format in which you want to rewrite the tag info.

Now you won't have any excuse for not keeping your MP3 collection organized.
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